Do you want to take the McMaster Continuing Education Certificate Program in the Science of Cannabis but find the cost a barrier?

For a limited period of time the MGD CMCR is offering $1000 scholarships to offset the costs of our program. Upon successful completion, we will provide a reimbursement of $250 for the first two courses and $500 for the final course. Please email should you have interest in applying for funding. 

Click to view information about the Certificate Program being offered by the McMaster Centre for Continuing Education!

Through this program you will learn to...

Articulate the fundamentals of the endocannabinoid system and its relationship to other major neurotransmitter systems in the brain

Describe the historical evolution of cannabis use and the shifting regulatory frameworks

Explain psychiatric nosology, the nature of cannabis use disorder, and other psychiatric disorders that are associated with cannabis

Evaluate the links between cannabis use and accidental injury/death, lung disease, psychotic disorders, abnormal brain development, and diminished lifetime achievement

Identify the medical conditions for which cannabis may have a curative or palliative role

Critique the cost-benefit ratio for cannabis in the context of its therapeutic effects and adverse side effects

And more...

Email for more information or to apply! 

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