Areas of Focus

The three areas of focus for Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research are:


Curating evidence-based content

The Centre houses a portal of research publications, summaries and knowledge syntheses, curated by our research experts to uphold the highest standard of research methodologies and newsworthiness.


Conducting cutting-edge research

The Centre has research teams dedicated to furthering research efforts to understand the use of medicinal cannabis for various clinical indications. Current research projects focus on the use of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, mental health as well as the unintended adverse consequences of its use. Emerging areas include economics and policy implications of cannabis legalization, as well as biochemistry.


Creating a network of medicinal cannabis professionals

The Centre provides evidence-based content and drives research initiatives to further the interests of researchers, healthcare providers, policymakers, industry professionals, patients, and others. As a platform to launch interdisciplinary research collaborations and critical discussions on the topic of medicinal cannabis, the Centre hosts an annual conference, as well as webinars, panel discussions and roundtable conversations throughout the year.