The Centre has research teams dedicated to furthering research efforts to understand the use of medicinal cannabis for various clinical indications. Current research projects focus on the use of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, mental health as well as the unintended adverse consequences of its use. Emerging areas include economics and policy implications of cannabis legalization, as well as biochemistry.

“We are not pro-cannabis or anti-cannabis. We are pro-data and pro-science and are looking to gather the best evidence we can regarding medicinal cannabis.”

- Dr. James MacKillop, Director, MGD CMCR

Images of a brain scan on a medical light board

Addictions & Mental Health Research

The Centre’s research strives to advance existing clinical work investigating the particular constituents of cannabis, especially cannabidiol, as a therapeutic agent, while managing the risks associated with high tetrahydrocannabinol dosing.
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Elderly hands placed on knees to symbolize joint pain

Pain Research

A significant focus of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research is on evaluating the use of medicinal cannabis for pain, with an overall intent of establishing evidence required to support its use in a variety of clinical settings.
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Other Research

The Centre is also involved in basic science research to assess the biochemical properties of cannabis constituents, as well as the impact that legalization will have from a health economics and policy perspective.