Addictions and Mental Health

The Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research is investigating the nature of cannabis use for various mental health indications, such as anxiety and bipolar disorder. The Centre is also examining unintended consequences, like the emergence of cannabis use disorder in younger demographics, of its use.

The Centre’s research strives to advance existing clinical work investigating the particular constituents of cannabis, especially cannabidiol, as a therapeutic agent, while managing the risks associated with high tetrahydrocannabinol dosing.

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Trajectories of Cannabis Misuse in Emerging Adults

This project leverages an existing longitudinal observational cohort to characterize patterns of change in cannabis use over time among individuals in their early twenties, including over the course of legalization.

James MacKillop, PhD
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Using Crowdsourcing to Understand Cannabis Use and Misuse in Legally Regulated Environments

This project is collecting data on cannabis use and misuse in U.S. states where cannabis is already legal to inform legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Michael Amlung, PhD
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Understanding Reward, Value and Motivation in Cannabis Use Disorder

This project is using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to understand dysregulation of the brain’s motivational neurocircuitry in cannabis use disorder.

Iris Balodis, PhD
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Approaches to Treat Cannabis Misuse in University Students: A Systematic Review

This project is synthesizing the existing literature on interventions to reduce the harm from cannabis in post-secondary environments.

Catharine Munn, MD, FRCPC

Efficacy and Mechanisms of Cannabinoids as Novel Anxiolytics: A Pilot Study

This project is investigating novel formulations of cannabinoid products as a promising medication for treating anxiety disorders.

Michael Van Ameringen, MD, FRCPC