Pain Research

A significant focus of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research is on evaluating the use of medicinal cannabis for pain, with an overall intent of establishing evidence required to support its use in a variety of clinical settings.

DATAbase for CANNabinoid Consumption and Study (DATACANN) is a provincial pain registry that will serve as a longitudinal study of patients’ use of cannabis over the course of their treatment period.

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Medicinal Cannabis for Chronic Noncancer Pain: A Systematic Review

This review will explore all evidence from randomized controlled trials of the benefits and harms associated with use of medicinal cannabis for chronic non-cancer pain.

Jason W. Busse, DC, PhD
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DATAbase for CANNabinoid Consumption and Study (DATACANN)

DATACANN intends to capture real-world data on patients who are prescribed cannabinoids for non-cancer chronic pain. Data collected will inform efforts to standardize cannabis-related medical education, monitor trends in clinical outcomes, and determine how to effectively predict the benefits and harms of cannabis use within a prescribed treatment regimen.

Ramesh Zacharias, MD
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Pilot Randomized Control Trial of Cannabis for Pain Related to Total Knee Replacement

We propose to conduct a multi-centre, concealed, randomized trial of 40 adults undergoing total knee replacement (TKA) to assess the feasibility of a definitive trial to determine the effect of cannabinoid oil, versus placebo, on the development of persistent pain and functional outcomes after TKA.

Vahid Ashoorion, MD, PhD

Patient Perspectives on the Role of Cannabinoids for Pain Management in Orthopedic Surgery

We aim to conduct a cross-sectional study of 450 patients attending hospital-based orthopaedic surgery clinics to explore current patient attitudes, perspectives, and approaches to opioids, cannabis, and other pain management strategies

Mohit Bhandari, MD, PhD

Chart Review of Long-Term Medicinal Cannabis Use

This project will explore demographic characteristics and long-term benefits and harms associated with medicinal cannabis use for chronic pain among primary care patients.

Mahmood AminiLari, MSc

Effect of Cannabinoids on Nociceptive Behaviours in an Animal Model of Chronic Neuropathic Pain

We will examine whether cannabinoid treatment ameliorates or ablates behavioural indications of neuropathic pain in male and female rats exposed to a sciatic nerve cuff.

Katja Linher, PhD